Cardano On-Chain Metrics Suggest a 15% Drop – ADA Price Analysis

-  Cardano price indicates the probability of dipping inside the demand zone within the $1.02 - $1.19 range.

- Transaction stats shows ADA's uptrends will encounter massive hurdles between $1.39 and $1.35.

-  A significant-close beyond $1.48 will form a higher high, invalidating the bearish tale.

Gary Gensler Says US SEC Is Looking Forward To Regulating Cryptocurrency Sector

Despite being someone who has had a light heart for cryptocurrency, United States Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman, Gary Gensler has started to raise concerns over the increase in DeFi-based activities and says that regulations are imminent and must be implemented in order to maintain operations and provide protection.

Money-Back Review – Getting Your Scammed Money Back Is Possible

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Money-Back Review

I think you can all agree when we say that online trading has become a very difficult place to be, and this is because of the increasing numbers of scammers. Scammers and hackers have really affected traders in the market. And it has made them very fearful of getting scammed or exploited. And that is where Money-Back and other recovery agencies come in because these help traders get their money back from scammers. You will see this too in the Money-Back review.