StsRoyal Investment Strategy Review


There are many investors around the world that have abundant wealth, unfortunately, they do not understand how and where to invest that sum of money. This gives rise to the wealth management industry where industry leaders and expert gather wealth from all these affluent individuals and try to make the best use of it. Wealth managers may come from different backgrounds and may have experience in different fields. Investment advisors or wealth managers invest their client’s cash in various sectors including healthcare, finance, technology or even real estate. Since these professionals spend a lot of their time understanding how markets work and what is in and what is out of financial markets, they charge a certain fee to their clients. 

StsRoyal is one such financial advisory firm that works in the best interest of their clients. One of the major reasons why StsRoyal has been able to win the trust of their clients from around the country is that they help investors gain clarity on how every penny of their wealth is being put to good use. While clients are busy maintaining their own lives, StsRoyal makes regular disclosures on how their investment is increasing and decreasing with the passage of time. The idea behind this strategy is to let wealthy individuals live a ‘stress-free’ life of generating passive income from their unused cash. 

Things that StsRoyal does differently

Here are some of the things that StsRoyal does differently from many of their competitors in the market: 

Client Engagement 

StsRoyal is famous for working alongside their clients. They not only want their investors to be part of their investment strategy, but the fund wants to be involved in their client’s lives as well. For this very reason, StsRoyal arranges regular meetups with their investors, where they host clients and their family for a quick get together with some refreshments. The idea behind this regular event is to understand the changing needs of investors. If one of their clients was eager to invest in Chinese markets, and now they are inclined to bring their investments back into the United States, these small breaks can inform their wealth advisor about this shift in their mood. 

Start of the Year Plan 

At the beginning of each year, the StsRoyal team which consists of portfolio managers, financial experts, and data analysts gets together to go through their investor base and see how each has reacted to their investment strategy in the last 12 months. These meetings bring out some very important feedback like what were the Non-Negotiable items for each client this year, and which strategies generated maximum value for their clients. Eventually, each team member learns from past mistakes and applies those learnings in their daily work life. This is one of the most important aspects of working with StsRoyal. 

Risk Management 

For StsRoyal financial advisors, the most important part of their job is to manage the risks associated with volatile market conditions. The research analysts at the firm, constantly monitor the market and small, mid and large cap indices to make sure that their client’s wealth is preserved under varying market conditions. StsRoyal team also monitor fluctuating market conditions all around the world to see if there is an opportunity in a particular geographical location or any threats to their investment in any region. 

Investment Ideology 

The investment managers at StsRoyal use the LIVE approach to wealth management. Here is a brief explanation of this investment management strategy: 


One of the major worries for any investor is whether they would be able to take out their many from the wealth management vehicle when they need it the most or not. To mitigate this investor fear, StsRoyal portfolio managers ensure that they diversify client’s cash into those assets classes that are liquid in nature. Buying gold bullion or financial securities with the right amount of research can ensure that clients will be able to withdraw their investment whenever they need it. However, StsRoyal investment analysts also ensure that there is a right mix of liquid and illiquid asset in their portfolio. Hence, they invest some in volatile markets like stock exchange and some amount in stable or illiquid markets like real estate. 


StsRoyal research analysts are always preparing useful reports for their clients to ensure that their investments are generating an adequate amount of income for them on a regular basis. This strategy insurances that clients are withdrawing money from StsRoyal when they ‘want to’ rather than when they ‘have to’. 


Investors who put their money into different types of asset classes are aware that market volatility is not always bad for growth purposes. What this essentially means is that if you are working with the right financial expert, your wealth will not only grow when the market is showing an upward trend but will also give fruitful results when the market is down. Hence, investors should choose wealth managers who have sown positive returns in any type of market conditions. StsRoyal team ensure that they capture the upside as well as the downside of the local and international market. 

Expected Returns 

In order to measure the performance of any wealth management firm, you should ask them about their expected return. The same question when posed to StsRoyal advisors was answered by one of their portfolio managers suggesting that they benchmark themselves with indices like S&P 500 which has the tendency of providing maximum expected returns in the market. 

When you work with a wealth advisory firm, your information is never shared with any outside party expect the auditors. StsRoyal advisors are no exception to this rule and people who invest with them can rest assured that they follow all the compliance procedures laid down by the SEC. 

Although StsRoyal has many upsides to their investment strategy, it is always advised that you compare your potential financial advisors’ historical performance with the rest of the market before making your final decision.