Royal C Bank Review: Is a Recommended Broker by Many Traders

Royal C Bank

Royal C Bank Review

Last week a decided that I wanted to try out a new broker, for mobile trading on the go. The broker I was using for the past few months did not have the best trading platform for mobile trading to fit my needs when on the go. So after searching the web for mobile trading forex platforms from recommended brokers I stumbled upon Royal C Bank. I signed up for a demo account and found out quickly that their mobile trader is exactly what I was looking for. Now it is time to use my strategies to start trading with Royal C Bank.

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Various useful strategies you can use on the Royal C Bank bitcoin and forex mobile trading platform:

The primary aim here in this discussion is to go through few of the popular trading strategies generally utilized like the basket strategy & martingale strategy and the way they assist traders with proper trading in the market.

Martingale Strategy

According to the martingale strategy a forex trader needs to constantly raise each new trades amount when a loss is incurred. The basis for the strategy is one theorem which states that at the time of forex trading a trader cannot lose all the time.

The functioning of forex market is such that traders settle on any particular short/long trade & continue using them only. In case a loss occurs then they begin doubling the trade value depending upon martingale strategy which states that a win is bound to occur after successive losses.

It is worth mentioning here that this strategy gives exponential results which forex traders should keep note of. For example if you have invested $10,000 in the form of single mini lots, these would get exhausted quite quickly if you keep on doubling trades after every loss. Additionally, the success of this strategy is possible in case the chances of win are about 0.5.

Strategy for Forex Basket

This involves placement of orders with each order being a combination of currency pairs. They are used by big institutional investors, automated traders and also hedge funds that have large amounts to invest. Nowadays several small investors utilize this method with the goal of reducing trading risks. Another use of forex baskets is proper management of trades by investors. Additionally, for reducing risks forex brokers make forex baskets with the help of hedged currencies.

Jumping Slots, a Forex Basket Strategy

Here basket is created with the help of two sets, for example both sets are created have five currency pairs. These new sets contain currency pairs which are correlated which turn them totally hedged. Afterwards one demo account is created as well as used for trading the first set as long while the other set is traded as short. Generally after a few days you will notice that top five slots are covered by long trades and short trades cover the bottom five slots or it is completely reversed & short trades are on top.

Aim here is monitoring & waiting up to the time one out of the five trades which are at bottom come up into any of the top slots. The currency pair that moves up is then traded in same direction it had started to move using a live account. The convention is to close trading when demo account moves back into lower half position in the table known as profit/loss table. In order to correctly use this method it will be necessary for you to invest more time in determining the details plus compute the win/loss ratio.

Royal C Bank Mobile Trading Conclusion

With the Royal C Bank bitcoin mobile trader I am able to use my strategies for trading, while on the go and with a good broker such as Royal C Bank you can be sure that if you use a good trading strategy, you will maximize your profit potential. Many brokers and many different strategies exist in cryptocurrency trading and using a good broker and proven strategies like martingale & basket strategies are a recommended way to go. However, you need to also learn technical analysis to judge the scope available to invest rightly.