CFDdesk Review - Boost your Trading Experience with this Innovative Platform

CFDdesk Review

Choosing a reliable and safe online trading platform is extremely important if you have decided to jump into the online trading industry. Selecting a suitable platform is one of the first steps you have to take and it is vital that you opt for the one that has stellar credentials in the financial world. This is crucial since trading platforms are dime a dozen these days and most of them have a dubious reputation. In fact, some of them are scammers as well and the last thing you need is to fall victim to such an establishment. The right platform will also assist you in every stage of your trading journey and provide you will the tools and opportunities you need so succeed as an online trader. 

In my opinion, CFDdesk ticks all of the aforementioned boxes (and then some!). I would highly recommend this online trading platform to you regardless of whether you are a new trader looking to begin or a seasoned trader. CFDdesk boasts number of great features which makes it one of the best firms in the financial landscape. 

This is a detailed review highlighting the standout features of the platform. Keep reading if you want to learn why CFDdesk is the best trading platform for you.






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Low Minimum Deposit Amount 

Any trader will tell you that one of the biggest obstacles they face when the consider registering a new trading account with a new broker is the very high initial deposit amount. This amount has to be deposited in your account so that you can begin trading. Most novice traders looking to begin their trading journey often do not have too much money upfront to make a sizeable investment. Therefore, they are not able to afford the deposit amount and sign up for the account. 

A golden advantage of signing up with the CFDdesk platform is that the minimum deposit amount is just 250 dollars. This is easily affordable by most traders who can then sign up for the trading account and start trading. That is also why scores of new traders around the world sign up on this trading platform each day as the minimum deposit amount is easy to afford. You can rest assured that there is no hidden cost involved which the broker will inform you at the 11th hour. CFDdesk prides at itself for being transparent and as long as you meet the deposit amount threshold, you can easily register for a trading account on the platform. 

Of course, you can always invest more than 250 dollars and expand your trading portfolio quickly but that decision is completely up to you! 

24/6 Customer Support 

There is no denying that prompt and professional customer support is a critical feature of any worthy online trading platform. All traders expect swift customer support to help them progress in their trading journey. The last thing you would want is to encounter a certain problem and not hear back from the customer support team after you send them email requesting their assistance. 

I would like to point out that CFDdesk provides excellent and round the clock customer support to all of its traders 6 days a week. Their team is 100 percent committed to providing you with all the assistance and support you require when you use their platform for trading. You will be interested to know that their customer care division comprises expert and knowledgeable people such as financial analysts, technology professionals and experienced account managers. These people are well versed will aspects of trading and are equipped with sufficient knowledge to help you out with any kind of query. 

Whether you require any technical assistance or just general guidance on how to use their platform, you can always count on them to swiftly walk you through the solution. Furthermore, CFDdesk’s customer support team also provides the option of offering customer support in your native language. This is a huge convenience for people who do not speak English too well but are keen on trading. In order to reach out to their customer team, you can send them an email detailing your particular issue and they will get back to you shortly. 

Alternately you can leverage their chat option which is integrated with their trading platform. In my opinion, this is the most appealing feature of their customer support as you can receive live assistance from their team. This is far more effective than email correspondence. 

One thing is for certain- their customer care service is one of the best in the trading industry. 

Flexible Methods of Payment 

Another admirable and highly convenient feature of the CFDdesk trading platform is that they provide several payment methods. These methods facilitate traders in making withdrawals and deposits in their respective investment accounts. Just think about- if you have just a single banking option available, that would be quite a hindrance to you especially if you do not use that particular payment methods. That is why it always helps to have several payment options available so that you have the flexibility to choose the one that is most convenient to you. 

With CFDdesk, you can select between credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and several other 3rd party payment solutions as well. This trading platform supports Mastercard and Visa and these are probably the best payment options for you if you want to make a small transaction quickly. When you make a deposit with a debit or credit card, you can expect the money to be wired within the same day to the recipient’s account. However, if you are dealing with large funds, the better option is to opt for bank transfer. Just keep in mind that bank transfers take around 3-4 business days. 

In addition, you can execute these payment options very quickly. Clicking a few buttons will usually be enough to transfer the money into your investment account or withdraw from it. You do not have to go through the rigmarole or filling out any complicated or lengthy forms which is quite a tedious and exhausting process. Simply choose which payment option you want and you are set to make your deposit or withdrawal. On top of everything else, making use of these payment options is extremely safe as well. There is no risk to your personal information or your trading funds (we will cover the platform’s security features later in this review). 

Instruments of Trade and Account Opening 

With CFDdesk, all the trading instruments are available on the same platform. Whether you want to trade in stocks, commodities, indices or in the Forex market, you will find all of these options available in the same database. You can also choose from numerous trading instrument and selects whatever you want to invest in. The options available are aplenty so make sure you do your through research first for each option before you make your choice. You can also consult with your broker in this regard who will be happy to guide you on choosing the best trading tools and assets keeping your goals and volume of funds in mind. 

Furthermore, the account opening procedure on the CFDdesk platform is a walk in the park and comprises 3 basic and easy steps. First you fill out all your persona information, then choose from the payments options available and then finally fund your trading account to start your trading journey. That is it! There will be no need to fill out long forms asking for all sorts of things. CFDdesk understands filling out such details is a bother and have made sure to not put their traders through that inconvenience. Once your trading account is funded, you can begin trading assets right away without any delay. 

Education Center 

One of the best things about the CFDdesk platform that makes it better than most of the other online brokers is that is features a very comprehensive education center. This center includes a plethora of trading resources such as ebooks, videos, economic calendar, financial news and a whole lot more. These resources are available in the same database so you do not have to explore anything separately. All traders (both newcomers and experienced ones) can leverage these resources to brush up on their trading knowledge and gather more knowledge pertaining to the latest trading trends in the world. You can also use this education center to find out more about the different trading instruments available on the platform. That will allow you compare all of them and pick the ones that align with your trading objectives and investment budget. 

Moreover, you can turn to this education center (which I have found out to be a reservoir of knowledge!) to get some useful tips and strategies on trading smartly and efficiently. If you follow these tips to a T, there is a strong likelihood that you can flourish a lot in your trading journey and inflate your profits considerably in a short span of time. 

I would like to highlight that the customer support coupled with the resources present in this education center make the learning become very easy. As a result, you can progress faster in your online trading voyage. 

CFD Trading 

I would like to point out that CFD trading is one of the prime offerings of CFDdesk. 

Lest you are not familiar with tis trading terminology, CFD is an abbreviation for Contract for Difference. It happens to be a very common version of derivative trading, that allows you to exchange the discrepancy between a future contract’s closing price and opening price. When you make use of this particular trading method, you can perform speculation on the future movement of the prices of the trading market prices. This is regardless of whether the prices are falling or rising. 

In case you are wondering, the fundamental CFD trading principal is very straightforward. You choose any asset and select to go long (BUY) if you forecast that the price of the market will increase. Alternately, if you forecast that the market price will decline, then go for short (SELL). You can generate a profit either way; whether it is downward trend movement or an upward trend. 

When you do CFD trading on the CFDdesk platform, you will have the advantage of utilizing leverage up to a staggering 200 times. As a result, you may begin your online trading with a minimal percentage of your trade’s full value and amplify the returns that you get. You can rest assured that with CFDdesk, there is no hidden fee or commission involved. 

Low Spreads and Commissions 

If you are new to the world of online trading, you might not be familiar with the concept of spreads. Spread is the amount you pay to your broker on each trade that you make on the platform. It is understandable that almost every trader seeks brokers that offer low spread. That is because then you will be able to pocket most of the returns yourself by paying just a minimal amount to the broker. It is quite simple- a low spread translates into bigger profit margins yourself. 

In addition, broker commissions put in a dent in your earning as well. These commissions are in addition to the spread. So when these 2 factor are combined, your own earnings will be significantly less since you will be paying a major chunk to the broker. An ideal online trading platform is the one that has low spreads and commissions. 

When you trade on the CFDdesk trading platform, you can enjoy the benefit of low spreads and no commissions. As a result, you will get to keep a sizeable percentage of your returns in your own pocket and pay a minimal amount to your broker. I would also like to highlight that there is no hidden fees involved that can be sprung on you at the last moment. You can read everything about the spreads and commissions in the terms and conditions where everything is laid out very transparently. You can rest assured that CFDdesk will not charge you with any unspecified extra costs at any stage of your trading journey. 

Security and Safety 

Security and safety of their personal details and trading funds is the utmost concern traders have when it comes to online trading. Why shouldn’t they? In the current era, trading platforms can easily fall victim to cyber criminal and hackers who can penetrate the system and pilfer the personal information of all the users. If your information is leaked, it can have very unpleasant consequences. Moreover, if a hacker breaks into in your bank account, you can stand to lose your funds as well. Therefore, it is of critical importance that you trade in a completely secure environment. A reliable trading platform will always prioritize the safety of its traders and employ strict security measures to ensure no authorized person can sneak into the trading database. 

CFDdesk is a quintessential example of such a platform. They have implemented all the latest security features in the system that include a cutting-edge encryption software, comprehensive verification procedures and SSL certificates. The encryption ensures that all of your data is totally meaningless to anyone who is not authorized to access it. All of these security features combined make sure that no intruder can access your information and as a result, you can carry out all your trading activities safely and without any risk. In addition, when you register for a trading account, you will be asked to verify your identity through a string of questions. This verification process ensures no one else is able to access your account without your consent. 

Overall, CFDdesk takes its security measures very seriously to make sure there is no chance of an external breach in the system. Hence, you can trade on their platform with complete peace of mind. 

Accessible from All Devices 

An efficient trading platform has to be completely accessible from all kinds of devices that people use day. In the modern world, traders do not limit themselves to just one device when they log in their accounts and start trading. We have a habit of switching devices occasionally as per our convenience. CFDdesk allows you that flexibility! You do not have to buy a special device just to access their trading tools and platform. The developers have designed its platform in a way that makes it easily accessible from smart phones, laptop, PC, tablet and any other common device. 

Full compatibility will every device is what makes this trading platform one of the better ones in the industry. In addition, regardless of whether you have opened your trading screen on your phone or your laptop, you do not have to worry about any glitches or delays. That can be quite a bother for any trader. You can fully enjoy a user-friendly trading experience whether you access the CFDdesk platform on your tablet, phone, laptop or desktop. The interface of the platform is incredibly easy to navigate as well on all common devices. In case you face any issues using the trading software on any particular device, you can always the customer support team who will be happy to assist you. 

Third Party Regulation 

Apart from its host of stringent security measures that it has implemented in its trading system, CFDdesk also enforces 3rd party regulation. How that works is that there is a 3rd party regulation agency that closely monitors all the transaction that take place between the broker and the trader. This monitoring ensures that every transaction happens smoothly and transparently and that the broker does not misuse any of the funds for his or her personal use. If it is found that the broker is engaging in any shady or dubious activity whatsoever, the regulation agency is well within its rights to seize the power and license of the broker. Therefore, there is no reason for you to concern yourself about the broker’s intentions and you can trust him or her to utilize your funds in the best manner possible. 

Furthermore, you can also opt to be notified by email every time the broker utilizes your funds for something. In that way, you can keep complete track of all activities so that nothing is hidden from you. 

Algo Trading 

The CFDdesk trading platform support Algo trading which is a great convenience to ell traders who use the platform for trading purposes. How it works is that a computer program executes trades on your behalf so you do not have to do it manually. You will provide a certain set of instructions to the program and depending on those instructions, the algorithms will place the trades. Availing this feature frees up a lot of your time since you are relying on the computer program to perform all the trades with minimal input from your side. When you leverage algo trading, you can place maximum trades in a short period of time since a computer program works at a significantly much faster rate than a human person. 

Moreover, the chances of making any errors in reading the trading charts and trends are very less. That is because computer algorithms are not prone to making mistakes which us humans frequently make. That allows you to make smart trades quickly which as a result inflates your returns in a short span of time. 

Bottom Line 

Although there are numerous online brokers and trading platforms, CFDdesk is one of the more efficient, reliable and secure ones. It also provides far more trading opportunities to traders than other brokers. If you have already decided to venture into the domain of online trading, I would suggest that you explore CFDdesk’s website to learn more about them and register an account in them. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced online trader, CFDdesk allows you to unleash your full trading potential so that you can reap maximum benefits in a short time. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to their customer support team.