FXOro – The Best Online Trading Broker in Italy

In the past two decades, internet has not only acted as a channel for people to connect with each other from across the world, but it has also enabled people to take risks, get out of their safe zones, be innovative and come up with ideas to make money and earn fortunes. Since its creation, internet has crossed all the limits and difficulties that an individual would expect to face when starting a business of their own in the real time world. One of the major difficulties was the budget and recognition against world class businesses. 

How Things Went South for Online Trading and FXOro Saved the Day 

With internet and online trading gaining so much success, many people got into online trading with hopes to make it their primary source of income and were willing to spend their life savings into investments for reasonable earnings. With so much demand, hundreds of brokerages came into being, providing services to people and helping them increase their earnings. However, with time, these brokerages became greedy, wanting only for their clients to spend more and more of their money with zero profits. This created discontent among many individuals who started losing confidence and trust in the online trades. 

This is when FXOro popped up as a brokerage that was determined to retain the reputation and trust that online trading brokerages had lost in the past decade. FXOro focused its attention towards providing their customers a user-friendly, competitive, educational, learning and grooming environment, enhancing their trading experience and empowering them into making trading decisions independently. 

Unique Account Types that FXOro Introduced 

While the majority of brokerages offer more than 5 or 6 types of trading accounts, demanding deposits worth thousands of dollars or euros, FXOro has kept it pretty straightforward by providing investors with two trading accounts (options): 

Fixed Spreads Account 

In fixed spreads account, the investors can be rest assured while trading in any asset as the spreads would always remain fixed and this never changes no matter the volatility is being observed in the trading markets. Investors can avail leverage for up to 1:400, are able to get full margins and can get assistance from FXOro’s 24/5 customer support. 

Floating Spreads Account 

In floating spread accounts, the investors get to trade with spreads that can be as low as 0.3 pips, which is totally dependent on the asset being trade and the volatility that is being observed in the trading market for the particular asset. Investors get to avail the same leverage of up to 1:400, spread pips of 1.2, stop out at 25%, pay no commission and the assistance of 24/5 customer support. 

Islamic Account 

The Islamic account is a unique feature added to both the fixed spreads and floating spreads accounts. Mainly referred to as a swap-free account, provides Muslim investors the opportunity to trade under the rules of the Sharia Law where there are no swap charges or interest against the overnight positions as well as no variance in the spreads. 

Variety of Trading Instruments that FXOro Offers 

To ensure that the investors have abundance of trading instruments to increase their chances of making profits and earnings, FXOro has put together one of the most unique and profitable assets: 

The first in the list is Foreign Exchange (mainly known as Forex) trading that deals with the buying and selling of pairs of foreign currencies. Investors get to choose from 70+ trading pairs and earn profits by buying & selling currencies depending upon the volatility. 

Then come Commodities that offer a variety of natural resources acquired through agriculture, mining or drilling. These assets can then be bought and sold in the commodity trading markets to earn profits. 

Next up is indices that comprises of the collective assets value of a group of companies belonging to a particular sector, country or a continent. Investors can choose an index out of hundreds of indices and earn profits either through high positions or low positions. 

Last but not least is Crypto-Currencies that deals with the buying, selling and exchanging of e-currencies that are available in the e-currency trading markets. These currencies are decentralized, which makes them extremely secure to trade and make profits by making buy or sell calls based on their volatility. 

FXOro’s Unique Trading Platform 

FXOro has simply knocked it out of the park by providing their investors with one of the most unique and state of the art trading platform as well as interface that is known as MetaTrader 4. This platform is known for its user-friendly, intuitive and single click execution functionality. Furthermore, MetaTrader 4 offers variety of charts, latest news bulletin, algorithmic trading features and many more features to take the investors’ trading experience to the next level 

Additionally, FXOro has integrated their MetaTrader 4 platform into Browsers, Android & IOS so the investors can trade from anywhere without being bound to a single operating system. 

FXOro’s Education System 

In order to fulfill the demand of their primary goal, FXOro has introduced their educational program that comprises of basic course that has proven to be beneficial for investors who are new to the trading business and are yet to get familiar with the trading trends, tricks and maneuvers so they can start trading and earn profits. The second program is the in-depth course that is developed for investors who are experienced and well versed in the basics of trading and want to learn more in order to increase their earnings. 

Another unique addition to FXOro’s educational program is the e-books that are available for registered clients that they can go through and get themselves familiarized with the trading history. 

Furthermore, investors get to attend the online webinars where investors from around the world gather to share from their good/bad trading experiences. 

FXOro’s 24/5 Customer Support 

No matter the issue or problem, FXOro’s investors can rest assured that they can always get in touch with FXOro’s 24/5 customer support who are highly experienced and professional in their field and provide you with the best and most prompt solutions. 

Why Trade with FXOro? 

Whether new or experienced, FXOro aims to provide an educational, grooming, user-friendly and competitive environment to their investors with aims to empower them in to making their own decisions and becoming mentors for the upcoming generation who would need help in the trading sector. FXOro has put together educational programs, variety of trading instruments, unique trading accounts, state of the art trading platform and highly capable real-time support team. All these facilities are the FXOro primary goal where investments are secondary. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for investors to choose the brokerage that cares for them as well as their assets. 

Don’t Choose If You Are Not Patient Enough 

No matter the asset or the account type, the bottom-line in the trading business is that the risk of losing everything in this sector is always parallel to making fortunes. At times, an investor has to incur minor losses but what waits for them around the corner are profits. However, if you do not consider yourself patient enough to bear even the slightest of losses, then it would be wise for you to look for a difference source of income.