In An Effort To Eliminate The Evil

Worldwide Dilemma 

At the beginning of 21st century, majority of countries around the world and financial institutions working therein, started to worry about by the rampant increase of scams, online frauds etc. which come in various forms where ways and means may differ from one case to another. Today, every country of the world along with financial institutions and e-markets, are trying their hard to initiate anti-scamming policies which could help eliminate this long prevailing threat of scam. 

Ill-motivated scam artists 

These scammers and fraudsters are so smart that they pretend themselves to be legitimate and present to you such opportunities or false promises which in reality never gets fulfilled. Once you are completely engaged with them and the moment they are able to win your trust, they make you to act according to their nefarious designs. It is not easy for someone to identify them and their motives and the moment you realize who they actually are, it is tool late then. 

A ticking time bomb 

Everyday there has been an increase in cases of fraud and scams which are being reported worldwide. The most affected victims of these scammers and fraudsters are primarily the banks and their customers. Majority of the reported incidents of frauds and scams are related to banks and their customers. Although, the banks all over the world are devising ways and means as well as adopting state of the art technologies for preventing the scams, however, all their efforts are going in vain because one way or the other these scammers find their way into victimize banks and their customers. 

Disadvantage of Internet 

With the landmark invention of internet, the scammers were able to find even more vulnerable targets than the banks and their customers. The scammers were and are successful in scamming innocent people who were or are using internet in one way of another. Every time when a member of online community is being victimized of online fraud or scam, he is left clueless and so helpless because he doesn’t know where should he go and report the occurrence of such an unfortunate incident. He also loses hope that he will not be able to recover his stolen funds ever. 

Entire world is on the same page 

It is true though that the entire world is unanimous on the point that this evil has to end as soon as possible. However, many efforts have been made but as a matter of fact no concrete measures have been taken to prevent scams in order to restore the faith of customers and online consumers. There is definitely a deficiency on the part of policy makers who have been unable to implement the policies in letter and spirit. Of course we cannot blame the policy makers or law enforcing agencies to eradicate this immediately and once and for all. 

Solution in facing the problem and not hiding from it 

The issue why these scammers are prospering is due to the reason that majority of times we adopt evasion as the best available option. The problem with “evasion” is that the perpetrators are not brought to justice and are allowed to roam freely, without any fear at all. As a result, these wrong-doers cause further damage to civil society. We need to educate people and ensure that everyone is made aware how to save them from these scammers and what exactly they need to do if they are being scammed. 

No one can escape justice 

It is well-said that if you will turn your back towards the fire, you need to be sure then that you will have to sit on your blisters. This means that when you are faced with a situation where you have encountered a scam or become a victim of fraud/scam, it is your responsibility to report the incident and make sure that you inform the general public about the scam so as to prevent anyone else becoming a victim of such scam. It is our responsibility to try our best to bring the culprits bring to justice so that the perpetrators would not be able to hoodwink the process of accountability. 

Be responsible and know where to report 

Firstly, being a responsible citizen of our country, and as a better human being, we need to report the scamming incident before the local law enforcing agencies such as police where the report of the crime can be lodged. Secondly the report can be lodged with the cyber-crimes authorities who normally deals with cases of online frauds and scams. It is important to given all the details of the scammers in order for the law enforcement agencies to find the trail of the culprits, which usually works within and outside the country where the fraud or scam took place. 

How to get money back after being scammed online - To effectively deal with online frauds and scams most of the advanced countries have also developed public help sectors where reports can be lodged. There are various other means available which a person can easily find out on the internet like Quora etc. who are also aware about most of the online scammers and fraudster and if one seek their help beforehand, he can certainly save his funds. There is yet another online website called who is considered as the Holy Grail for such people who have been scammed and many times they have been able to ensure return of the funds to the owners which were stolen by the scammers. 

Eliminating the evil 

A monk wears his robe, doctors put on scrubs and a law enforcement agent wears a uniform but the scammers have no uniform and resemble no stereotype. One cannot identify them by their looks or their approach towards an innocent person. They are rather wolves in sheep clothing who have no remorse and are bad people with ill-intentions and ulterior motives. Don’t let them fool you out at any cost but rather people should seek success by relying not on short-cuts but depending upon their ability to arrive at a well-thought of decision where they are able to use opportunities to their advantage through their sheer hard work and dedication. In this way we will be able to eliminate this evil from and within our society which still require further time but we will get there soon.